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Why join as a member?

KDCF Society was established to represent the voices of the community and groups interested in nature conservation and the preservation of forest recreational spaces. We maintain active communication with the Forestry Department and have a role to play in advocating for continued access and collaborative management of the Forest Reserve. We are only as strong as our member base. We believe that there may come a time when we need to stand together against potential threats in the form of pressure to degazette the Reserve for ‘development’. By joining as a KDCF member,  you are showing your solidarity with the forest and the forest community. In addition, as more than half of your member fees go directly into maintaining the sustainable forest trails, you are helping us demonstrate the value that the Society is bringing to the community forest.

We are making an important statement that Malaysians value our forest, and we are willing to commit time, energy, and resources towards its care and protection.

KDCF Society Membership has its privileges, but not in the form of freebies and discounts. It is the privilege of having access to and playing a direct role in stewarding the forest. There are opportunities to meet other like-minded folk and also to do your part through volunteer trail days and gotong royongs. When you become a member, you become part of the KDCF family and that is a pretty good feeling!


How to register as a member?

Annual membership fees are only RM10. Members will be able to access information on scheduled activities and volunteer days for people of all ages.  We encourage you to sign up for three years to avoid the inconvenience of having to renew your membership annually. For a limited time, those that sign up for three years for RM50 will receive two complimentary KDCF tshirts (only children’s and odd adult sizes available for this promotion, while stocks last!).

Complete the Membership Form and follow the instructions to make payment to our CIMB Bank Account. The account details are as follows:-

Persatuan Rimba Komuniti Kota Damansara

No: 1293 0002664 050. Unfortunately, we are unable to take payments via Paypal for the time being. We will send you your membership card and KDCF merchandise by post.