About Us

KDCF Forest Guides_Sec 10 schoolKota Damansara Community Forest Society is a membership-based organisation comprising nature lovers, concerned citizens, local residents, special interest groups, Temuan Orang Asli, environmental organisations, outdoor enthusiasts, local businesses, the corporate sector, basically everyone.

We aim to represent the collective views of the wider community in order to collaborate effectively with forest managers and local authorities. As co-managers of the Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve we are committed to cultivating a consultative, credible, united and vigilant organisation to protect the Forest Reserve from future threats and promote its sustainable use.

We work

  • with the government of the day to ensure the well being of the forest in partnership with the Selangor Forestry Department
  • to implement a jointly agreed upon management plan.
  • with scientists, conservation professionals, holders of traditional knowledge, and recreation planners in order to ensure that the forest is well-managed.
  • with all individuals and groups using the forest and will from time to time hold fun events to engage the entire community.
  • with local schools and educational institutions to make available quality environmental education exposure and opportunities.
  • with the Temuan community because we are committed to ensuring that the KDCF creates opportunities for their active involvement and the preservation of indigenous knowledge and cultural heritage.


KDCF_edu for webWe adhere to these key principles

  • In order to represent, we must communicate and consult. We will endeavour to share information, solicit feedback and work towards building consensus.
  • We will meet regularly, hold elections and practice good financial governance.
  • We believe that the forest should be accessible to people who seek to connect with nature, without charge.
  • We believe that the forest should remain natural. Trails and other human made structures should blend with the natural environment and be aesthetically pleasing.
  • We lead by example. KDCF Society is committed to volunteerism and believes it is an important way to bring our community together and to contribute to our nation.
  • We will also actively raise the resources to contribute to the steady development of this vision and not depend solely on government spending and staffing.
  • Finally, we believe that the KDCF is an opportunity given to us to demonstrate that the diverse urban communities can be committed and effective managers of vital green spaces. We will work to expand the model to other like-minded communities in Malaysia.

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