KDCF Gotong royong IJM

KDCF Society’s activities and programmes fall in the following categories.

1. Awareness and community engagement

The focus of these activities is to build public awareness and appreciation of the Kota Damansara Community Forest in order to invite people to connect with the forest and others in the KDCF community. We generally hold one major community event a year, KDCF Day, which is an Open Day for the forest and a good opportunity to hold guided nature walks, kayakking, and activities for the whole family.

2. Environmental education

The forest is a wonderful place to learn about the environment. We aim to enable parents and educators to use the forest as a place to sow a love for nature in all its forms among children. KDCF is a place for enjoyment and exploration and we have invested in developing teaching tools and group activity options with forest-based learning in mind.  With support from the GEF РSmall Grants Programme we developed a handy curriculum for forest-based learning. Forest users can download the KDCF curriculum for free from this link.

3. Volunteer activities

KDCF Society, working in close partnership with TRAKS (Trails Association of KL and Selangor) and the social enterprise MyChangkul, has been involved in building sustainable forest trails with volunteers and Temuan Orang Asli from Sungai Buloh and Bukit Lanjan. Maintaining these trails and keeping them open to the public is one of our major roles and these activities also provide members avenues to directly involved in forest care. Other volunteer activities we organise include general clean ups, lake clean ups, and tree planting.

4. Training and capacity building

KDCF Society conducts a training programme for KDCF Forest Guides in order to develop a roster of experienced and knowledgeable guides to assist in showing newcomers to the trails. In addition, we have facilitated a hands on training programme in sustainable trail building and maintenance for our Temuan Team. KDCF trails are built according to international standards for multiple use forest trails produced with minimal impact to the forest setting.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

We welcome the interest and participation of the corporate community in our community  forest and have been fortunate to have received support from companies and their staff for building trails, carrying out maintenance and upkeep, installing amenities for forest users, providing refreshments and prizes for community days. To date we have been able to build two 2 km trails with corporate sponsorship. We have one trail adopter РIJM Land makes an annual contribution to ensure the upkeep of the trail it sponsored.